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Updated: Jan 29

I'm sure you have heard many phrases when it comes to hair and you're just not sure if you should believe it or not. Yet these popular phrases and sayings just get throw around too openly without knowing the facts. Are these people right? Let's dive right into it!

There are many myths when it comes to the hair industry, for that matter any industry. Not too many people discuss these myths, it's more than likely they just go with the flow since it's the hot topic and everyone seems to believe it. As a Master Cosmetologist you are in great hands and today we are going to discuss 3 commonly talked about myths and why they just don't make any sense.

What are the myths?

Myth #1: Trimming your hair makes it grow faster

I'm sure many of you have heard this phrase before "if you cut your hair it will grow faster". I am here to tell you that is completely wrong. Trimming your hair does not make it grow faster however, trimming your hair regularly will in fact help you to retain length and with this being said you will begin to see growth overtime.

If you are a victim of not getting trims I urge you to start doing so and here's why...

Not trimming your hair will cause your split ends to continue to split up your hair shaft therefore causing it to break off at a faster rate than the hair growing from your scalp, and in fact making it worse as you manipulate it into styles.

All in all trimming your hair does not make it grow faster, but it does make it grow healthier giving you the appearance of thicker and fuller hair.

Myth #2: Women of color can not grow longer hair

This myth is by far my favorite! Considering this myth is NOT true, many women of color still believe they cannot grow longer hair to this day, and I will tell you why it seems that way...

Women of color have the kinkiest of textures out of all textures hence why we are able to do more flexible styles due to it's beautiful course texture. With this being said, our hair strands are also the most fragile which in fact requires precautious hair care techniques to prevent breakage. Our hair tends to get drier quicker leaving it brittle which then causes it to snap. We also tend to do more with our hair and sometimes over manipulate our hair just to get it into the perfect image leaving it more vulnerable and prone to breakage. Another reason we may experience seeing no growth is because our protective styles are not being installed properly and when I say installed properly I mean your hair care regimen before, during, and after your protective styles. Your hair care regimen for protective styles plays the biggest role when it comes to whether or not you see growth. A proper hair care preparation for protective styles include a proper shampoo and conditioning routine, deep conditioning, leave in conditioner/ moisturizer for hair, and oiling your scalp. When it comes to taking down your protective styles you must be cautious and gentle while taking down your style. It is recommended for you to take down your protective style using a wide tooth comb for detangling, and to most importantly never detangle your hair while it is dry. You can add conditioner and water to a spray bottle and spray your hair after takedown is complete right before you comb out your hair to minimize breakage.

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