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Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Did you know Alopecia is the main cause of hair loss, and that many people suffer from Alopecia and don't even realize they have it?

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is a form of hair loss in abnormal amounts.

What causes Alopecia

Alopecia can have many causes due to underlying conditions and or hereditary reasons. Your hair naturally sheds anywhere between 50 and 100 strands of hair everyday. If you notice more shedding than usual there is a chance you may suffer from Alopeica.

Now lets get down to it!

Alopecia comes in various forms, the most common conditions of Alopecia are...

Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Traction Alopecia, Androgeic Alopecia, Telogen Eflluvium, and Postpartum Alopecia. In a minute I will break down each condition and help you determine if you may be experiencing any symptoms related to the listed hair loss disorders, and what to do about it.

The many forms of Alopecia...

Alopecia Areata is a hair loss disorder known as patchy hair loss in a specific area. This hair loss condition can be caused by stress or autoimmune diseases which attacks the hair follicles at a slow and steady rate. It is recommended that this guest seeks a medical professional for possible treatment.

Alopecia Totalis Is a hair loss disorder know for balding of the entire head. Possible causes can be from stress or autoimmune diseases that attack the hair follicles. Guests are recommended to seek medical professional help.

Alopecia Universalis is a hair loss condition known for hair loss over the entire body. This condition can also be caused by stress or autoimmune diseases. It is recommended that you seek medical professional help.

Traction Alopecia is a hair loss condition where hair starts to thin over time and is caused by excessively pulling, stretching, tugging hair, and wearing repetitive hairstyles over a period of time such as ponytails, braids, and heavy hair styles. It is recommended that you switch up your hairstyles and not wear tight ponytails in the same spot over time. This can be treated once the guest makes the decision to change unhealthy hair habits.

Androgenic Alopecia is a male and female pattern baldness. This condition starts out thinning around the hairline and and balding in the crown area. Most people experience these symptoms around the age of 35. This condition can be caused by genetics, hormones, medication, medical treatments and or age. Guests are recommended to see a medical professional.

Telogen Effluvium is a hair loss condition where your hair has been prematurely pushed into the telogen phase (the shedding phase). This condition is usually caused by body changes due to child birth, illness, stress, shock or crash dieting. This can be treated with professional hair care products from a licensed hair professional. If the condition worsens, it is recommended that you seek medical professional help.

Postpartum Alopecia is a temporary hair loss condition that occurs after a female has given birth.

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